Asperger’s Syndrome – Seven Available Treatments

This post was written by A Guest Author on May 22, 2011
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Asperger’s Syndrome is a condition on the Autism Spectrum. Autism has a broad range of definitions, with people afflicted performing at different levels. Asperger’s people are likely to operate at a higher level and may frequently blend in with the general population. Their principal issues are social plus they have issues with repetitive motions or compulsive interests.

Even though there is no remedy for Asperger’s, you can find therapies available to reduce its impact. Asperger’s treatment can vary widely and not each therapy will work for every person. Here are some treatments that are available:

1. Social skills training – Using social stories and rehearsing different social scenarios, individuals grow to be more at ease with possible social interactions and discover ways to respond properly, just as they learn in academic courses.

2. Parent education and training – Parents can be schooled and trained to give help such as practicing social stories, participating in behavioral modification exercises and training in the emotional support role by becoming knowledgeable about how Asperger’s Syndrome individuals think.

3. Behavioral modification – Often also known as ABA, behavioral modification lessens undesirable behaviors and increases function. This is accomplished by making use of a consistent routine, applying encouragement for appropriate conduct and negative outcomes for undesirable behavior.

4. Prescription drugs – This is one of the health tips that many people have intense views about. Mood stabilizers, psychostimulants and anti-depressants are all commonly used to permit Asperger’s afflicted people to deal with symptoms that stop them from leading normal lives to making development within their condition. People with Asperger’s generally have associated conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorder. Most of these disorders regularily need drugs to control.

5. Individual psychotherapy – This counseling is meant to help the person deal with the emotions that can arise from experiencing a severe social disability.

6. Educational interventions – There are lots of things that may be accomplished in the classroom environment to facilitate increased functionality for Asperger’s children. Employing visual systems to keep track of their schedule and tasks typically help children to deal with these. You may also set up a regimen that will be implemented as closely as is possible on a daily basis. If there are changes, prepare your child in advance to let them get used to the disruption.

7. Dietary supplements – Another choice that works for some Asperger’s individuals is a supplementation of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B6, vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids and carnosine are known to have great results on health and behavior.

By employing a combination of these therapy options above you may find that Asperger’s Syndrome can be made to be more controllable.

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