This post was written byMarc on November 13, 2009

As most of the products that I recommend and have sold in the past are sold only by health care professionals I have made arrangements at several of my distributors for you to be able to order products directly. In some instances I am able to offer a 10% discount from full retail and from Metagenics, free shipping with a $100 order. Just click on the distributors name (in Bold type) to go to each site.

Many of the supplements that I recommend and many more are available at Emerson Ecologics . The first time you go there, you will need to set up an account as follows:

You will need to enter access code:       nhc123

Click on:     I need to create an account,        then click:     NEXT

Click on:      I am a patient who has never ordered from Emerson before

Fill in your Billing and Shipping info and Create Your Account

You will then be able to browse and order products at Emerson Ecologics to be shipped directly to your home or office.

If you are using Metagenics products you may order direct from them at my web site at Metagenics. I have set you up to order at a 10% discount and shipping is FREE with a $100 order. Most doctors who sell Metagenics products to their patients do so at full retail or higher so this is a great deal.

If you do not see what you need at one of these sites please contact me directly so that I can help you find what you need.

To Your Good Health!


P.S. I do earn a percentage of each sale from all of the sites listed above.